Vehicle Width

Red and yellow cutting off blue Blue crashing Vehicles should have a set width. If there is no room between two trails/walls for this width, any vehicle attempting to fit within them should explode. This requires code changes

Head-On Collisions

Blue goes BOOM Head-on collisions should be deadly. Vehicles should only be able to tilt significantly during turns! This requires code changes

Edge Spawn

Blue team spawning Light cycles spawn 2 grid squares away from the wall. :)


Orange slightly ahead of blue Orange slightly ahead of blue again Not quite obvious from the image alone, but blue and orange turned at the same time. By ArmageTRON logic, neither should be ahead of the other significantly. However, here they are... Not quite sure what the problem is w/ ArmageTRON's acceleration logic... This may require code changes

Grid Holes

Hole broken in grid by a crash When crashing into a wall, a nice cracky hole should be left over. Perhaps a tire should bounce away, too. From the gameplay standpoint, the important part is that there be some kind of hole left in the wall, just large enough for the vehicle to fit through. This requires code changes

Grid Escapes

Flynn's leaving! Once we have holes in the grid walls, we can escape the game grid! :)

Gradual In-Cycle Camera Turns

Partially turned in-cycle camera Right now, ArmageTRON does an immidiate view change when you turn in in-cycle camera mode. Instead, these rotation views should be gradual (but not too slow as to cause a crash!). This requires code changes