ReBoot Design Ideas

I'm not going to bother mentioning which parts need code changes... they all do =p
Video clip reference


6x6x6 green cube 6 cycles spawning on one grid square each The arena takes place amidst a 6x6x6 cube. Players spawn on the outside of one surface, one tile apart.

The Goal

Goal ball spawning Goal ball spawned Goal ball captured -- tie The goal is the capture the floating ball :)

Movement - 3D Corners

Turning around a 3D corner Vehicles cross over edges by folding. While the front suction flips onto the new surface, the back one holds onto the old surface.

Movement - Tile Flipping

A tile flips over Player on the inside of the cube Players playing inside the cube Ball escapes by flipping a tile You can go to the inside from the outside or vice versa by flipping a tile over. Movement is similar to on the outside. The goal can flip tiles too, however!

Catching the Goal

Goal escapes a close catch Front of vehicle raised To catch the goal, you must raise the front suction of your vehicle

Falling Off the Arena

Lowering the sucker too late Flipping off the arena Falling! The front sucker is needed to flip onto another edge of the cube. If it's not ready to do so, you'll fall off!